Sunday, November 28, 2010



EMIT Series presents: The Thirteenth Assembly
Members: Mary Halvorson - guitar, Jessica Pavone - viola, Taylor Ho Bynum - cornet, Tomas Fujiwara -drums. Enjoy a concert of cutting-edge music from NYC-based The Thirteenth Assembly at the top of Beck Architecture, overlooking the skyline of Tampa.
Admission is $10 at the door. Beck Architecture is located at 220 West 7th Avenue, Tampa 33602. Call (727) 341-4363 for more information.

Beck Architecture
220 W. 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL


727 Experimental Showcase
Cafe Bohemia
937 Central Ave.
Saint Pete 33705


Dec.18 (Orlando)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Tuesday Nov.2

Wednesday, Nov.3
Saturday, Nov.6
Thursday, Nov.11

Grit And Glam:
Deep Thoughts and Dirty Dancing
hosted by Jeremy Gloff
9p - Pegasus Lounge 10008 N 30th St. Tampa, Fl
On November 11th Jeremy Gloff presents “Grit And Glam” at the Pegasus Lounge Tampa. This action packed show will alternate between 45 minute intimate singer/songwriter showcases where three artists will share the stage with Gloff. After each song there will be an opportunity for discussion about the song and questions from the audience.

To counterbalance the seriousness of the SINGER/SONGWRITERS between each set will be fifteen minute sets from experimental and electronic acts. At only $5 this event is going to be a wonderfully interactive and fun way to spend your Thursday night.

Performing at this event are:Jeremy Gloff
Danny Smooth & The Night Owls
Vic Alvarez
Nickole Hanna

Anna Gavin
Gary Osborne
I’m Sorry, So
Suitcases Of Sound
Mark Castle
Jonny Jenaro
The Diamond Dolls

King EarthKen Spivey

Saturday, Nov.13

Sunday, Nov.14

Permanent Makeup, Ironing and Justin Robert

6pm - Borracho's Cantina
On the corner of MLK and 2nd Ave N

Friday, Nov.19

Saturday, Nov.20

Monday, October 4, 2010


Thursday October 7th

Friday October 8th

Friday October 8th and Saturday October 9th (Gainesville)
Suitcases of Sound and j.thelonious will be performing with The Action Sound Painting Orchestra (Oct. 9th)

Tuesday October 12
Thursday October 14

Thursday October 14

Friday October 22nd
The Pangaea Project Presents: It's Science!
Suitcases of Sound album release show
Cafe Bohemia 937 Central Ave. St. Pete 33705

Friday October 29 - Sarasota

Saturday October 30th

Tuesday November 2nd

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Sept 1

Skeleton Warrior/Booga Booga
@ Branch Ranch - TAMPA, FL (wherever the hell that is)

Sept 4 - Saturday

Skeleton Warrior/Booga Booga

Sept 4 - Saturday

SEPT 10th - Friday

Gemini Lounge - 2315 Central Ave. - SAINT PETERSBURG, FL

Sept 17th - Friday

The Pangaea Project No.5

Sept 18th - Saturday
Cafe Hey/88.5 show
Russian Tsarlag, Then and Than, CrAow, S2K, and David Vassalotti. 1540 N. Franklin St. Tampa, Fl 33602

Sept 24th - Friday

Sept 25 - Saturday
The Pangaea Project No.6

A list of performing artists in alphabetical order:

Black Beast of Arrrghhh

Chris Nadeau
The Uh..
Whitey Alabastard

Gemini Lounge
2315 Central Ave. St. Pete
$3 for 18-20, free for 21+

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Tuesday, August 10th
Saturday, August 14thSaturday, August 14th

Girls On Film, I KILL PXLS, The Viirus @ Play (1701 E 8th Ave.)

Sunday, August 15th

Thursday, August 19th

Saturday, August 21st - Circus Surreal
Friday, August 27th
And in Sarasota...

Saturday, August 28th

Saturday, September 4th

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Good news: The Future Music Society is hosting a 727 Experimental showcase on Saturday, July 31st in Gainesville. It'll feature acts from the Bay Area with our good pals out of G-Ville, Rabbit Punch. We are excited to share a glimpse of what's going on in the Bay with cats in G-ville.


727 EXP saw potential in Artpool, which could have been a center of cutting edge creativity in St. Pete, but instead it has repeatedly mistreated real artists/musicians. No more excuses: Artpool is part of the problem

Saturday July 17th
Tuesday July 20th (Gainesville)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 2010 Events and Nonsense

727 Experimental began on Facebook. FB served our purposes well, but at the same time it limited us. So we've created this blog as an outlet for showcasing upcoming events, documenting past events, and providing a space for rants. It is still a work in progress.

Here's a listing of interesting events in June

Friday June 18th - 7pm

Saturday June 19thand also..
(at Cafe Hey 1540 N. Franklin Ave, Tampa FL, 33602.)
Sunday June 20th